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With millions of automobiles traversing our streets, avenues, roads and highways; accidents are bound to happen, sooner or later, to everyone, anywhere, and at a moment least expected.

In fact, about 6 million vehicular accidents happen in the United States, every year, which render about 4 million people injured; about 60,000 fatal.

The word accident means: an unintentional and unplanned event. However, legally speaking, most accidents could have been prevented, had the circumstances leading up to them, been recognized and acted upon, prior to their occurrence. This is why, most scientists, who study unintentional injuries, refrain from using the word "accident".

This argument is also the basis of Tort Laws and Public Policies, which mandate a Wrongdoer (Defendant), whose negligence or carelessness or intentional act or omission has caused injuries to a Victim, (Plaintiff) must make her or him “Whole Again”. In other words, the defendant is legally bound to place the plaintiff in the same position, as though, the injury never happened.

Since, nobody can turn back the clock and change the circumstances, which led to an accident, Chosen Lawyers can make sure the wrongdoer, whose negligence or carelessness or intentional wrongdoing has caused you damages to be held accountable for injuries they have caused. THIS IS ONLY FAIR AND IT IS THE LAW!

To determine the types and extent of your possible damages in an accident, your Chosen Lawyer will diligently examine and thoroughly consider every possible past, present and future damages, which could include:

  • Compensation for your Medical Bills
  • Lost Income
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional Distress
  • Loss of Companionship/loss of Consortiums)
  • Loss of Enjoyment of Life
  • Punitive Damages, and other special damages you may have incurred

Your Capable, Credible and Compassionate Chosen Car Accident Lawyers will also help you obtain the competent medical attention, you need. So you can focus on healing your physical and emotional wounds rather than fighting the Insurance Corporations and their Power-Lawyers, for what is rightfully yours!

Your Chosen Lawyers® also know all the bad faith games that the Insurance Companies play with an unrepresented or under-represented party.

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The word Tort derives from the Latin-French term, “Torquēre”, which means “Twisted”. While the path to recovery for a tort can be convoluting twisted with delicate procedures, there are many established legal doctrines, namely, the “Thin Skull Rule” or “Eggshell Rule”, which clearly mandate that the Tort-Feasors or Wrongdoers (Defendants) take their Victims (Plaintiffs) as they find them. This rule of law means, when someone harms another person, he or she must pay for whatever damages the injured person suffers, even if it was much worse than anyone expected. In other words, generally, the frailty of the injured plaintiff is not a valid defense to the seriousness of any injury caused to them. Therefore, in a car accident or any other accident, you would need a zealous {Chosen} lawyer, who has the necessary experience, knowledge and the personal commitment needed to navigate through it all, and obtain the awards you deserve.

1) Medical Bills

As a Victim (Plaintiff) of a car wreck, you should first undergo a competent and caring medical examinations and proper treatment. Whether, such treatments require hospitalization, long periods of physical therapy, or even nursing home stays, the defendant must pay for the costs of such necessary medical bills.

2) Lost Income

As a Plaintiff you could be entitled to be paid for any past, present and future wages or incomes that you have lost due to your injuries, recuperation and treatment.

3) Pain and Suffering

The Insurance Corporations, whose reason for existence and their well-paid power lawyers always try to find ways to reduce large awards of damages, specially, for pain and suffering. For instance, they rebut, often in BAD FAITH, your level of pain and suffering with the doctrine of “Crumbling Skull Rule”. They argue that the harm you suffered was inevitable, regardless of defendant’s wrongdoing.

In their arguments, the insurance corporations, often site the Supreme Court ruling on Athley vs. Leonati, which held that a liable defendant must only make the plaintiff whole again and not better.

In other words, the Insurance Corporations try to obliterate the Eggshell Rule of Law with their Pre-Existing arguments. Especially, when the injuries to the plaintiff are significant. These are the delicate moments that an Experienced, Courageous and Compassionate Chosen Lawyer will go all out, to defend your rights and obtain your just deserts!

4) Emotional Distress

Most injuries leave lingering and lasting emotional pain on the victims. At teams, a team of expert witnesses and ascertainable evidence such as psychiatric records, diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder and so on must be proven, and meticulously calculated, in order for the jury or court to make a decision on their recoveries.

5) Loss of Enjoyment of Life (Hedonistic Damages)

Loss of enjoyment of life refers to damages that a Plaintiff suffers due to detrimental alterations of his or her lifestyle, such as: inability to participate in certain activities or pleasures of life, as he or she did prior to the injury.

Since, loss of enjoyment of life involves the quality of the Plaintiff’s life, which is inherently speculative and cannot be measured definitively in terms of money, it falls within the definition of general damages.

In some states, plaintiffs are entitled to receive a separate award for loss of enjoyment of life, yet in other states it is included in pain and suffering damages.

6) Loss of Companionship and Consortium

This is an action brought by a qualified family member of an individual who was killed or whose abilities have been significantly altered due to the underlying accident and injury.

The main purpose behind this type of financial award is to compensate the family members of the seriously injured or dead person, for their loss of companionship, guidance, and so on, due to Victim’s lack of presence or inability to function as he or she did prior to the accident.

In some states, loss of consortium is actually very specific and can compensate a spouse if he or she loses the ability to perform marital relationship, such as sexual performance.

7) Punitive Damages

Punitive Damages are not intended to make the victim whole again. They are designed to punish the wrongdoer for what he or she did and as a deterrence for him/her or others, from doing same or similar torts in the future.

Punitive Damages could be a significant amount in proportion to the defendant’s egregious wrongful behavior and plaintiff’s injury. Although, Punitive Damages are not permitted in all states.

8) Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death lawsuits are brought by qualified family members of a Tort Victim, who died as a result of a defendant’s wrongdoing.

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