i Composure

Acute stress and anxiety can turn a Brilliant Professional into a tantrum-prone child!

Numerous studies have discovered the direct relationship between stressful workplace and cognitive degradation of otherwise highly competent learned professionals.

In one of such research, experts divided 200 practicing lawyers into two groups of 100 each. One of these groups was subjected to stressful environments and anxiety-ridden tasks prior to and during trials.

The results were astonishing: the group under stress was making irrational and wrong decisions on important yet simple matters. They reacted more emotionally to issues; their decision making pattern resembled more of young children, than astute Lawyers.

Another test focused on critical thinking of the two groups. Only 22% of the stressed group answered critical questions correctly. When abstract reasoning, was tested the stressed group could incorporate its skills correctly only 39% of the time.

Unfortunately, it is widely believed that people do better under stress: this is a false perception. Even small amounts of stress can have huge adverse consequences; especially amongst Lawyers, whose decisions and judgments affect not only their clients, but also the society at large!

Other studies have found that due to cultural taboos and personal philosophies, about 79% of perilously stressed Professionals try to deal with their overwhelming stress and anxiety on their own, rather than seeking the support of others.

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