My name is Paymon Barati-Darmian. I am an Attorney and Founder of Please accept my sincerest gratitude for taking the time to visit us. Allow me to furnish you with the reasons why I decided to establish

Chosen Lawyers is a one-of-a-kind Joint Multilingual Marketing & Communication Platform for Law and Justice. This statement is not mere business hoopla; it is my personal commitment.

Together, with many other Talented and Credible People, I have made it my full time job to search amongst thousands of lawyers in all jurisdictions, in order to choose and bring some of the most Progressive Minded, Courageous, Competent, and Compassionate Lawyers under one virtual roof. So when you face any serious legal challenge, the right Chosen Lawyer would be a call or click away; anytime, anywhere! That is because when it comes to Legal Matters, Timely and Competent Legal Attention Matters!



Regardless of mega corporations’ lawyer-bashing publicities, historically, lawyers have been major contributors to the formation and progression of the United States’ Republic and our constitutional entitlements. For instance, out of the fifty-six Progressive Revolutionaries, who signed the Declaration of Independence, on July 4th, 1776, twenty-five (25) of them were fearless lawyers, including Thomas Jefferson. Those visionary pioneers, practically, risked their lives to the foreboding gallows of the British Empire, in order to establish a more perfect Union: rather than slavishly adhere to the treacherous status quo of pillage and plunder coupled with primitive social pecking order imposed on American People; by the British Colonialists and other Medieval European Monarchies.

In our short but tumultuous history, thousands of Lawyers have continuously and zealously defended the People’s Civil Liberties and Consumer Rights against Governmental and Corporate inroads: Often, at major perils and detriments to their own interests.

One of these exemplar leader lawyers is the legendary Ralph Nader. Mr. Nader was first propelled into the national spotlight back in 1965, when he published his book: “Unsafe at any Speed.” In this journalistic exposé, Nader exposed the automotive industry by presenting numerous examples of People, who suffered grave injuries and premature deaths from defectively designed and manufactured vehicles.

As expected, Big Business found it less expensive and more egotistically satisfying to crush a noble Consumer Rights Lawyer rather than rethink and retool their operations to produce safer automobiles. Thus, General Motors (GM), for instance, allegedly tapped Nader’s phone; commissioned private dicks to shadow him in menacing ways; and hired prostitutes to follow him in the isles of grocery stores and propose FREE Salacious LOVE; all for one purpose: to catch him in compromising situations, so they can smear his name and halt his mission. These callous and reprehensible acts also had a more terroristic aspect to them. That is to deter other Lawyers from holding Big Corporations accountable for their habitually wrongful acts, in the future.

Of course, Nader, who was in no mood to fall for such brazen monkey business and crude intimidations, successfully, sued GM for trampling his Civil Rights (Invasion of Privacy). Since GM was caught with hands in the proverbial cookie jar, and clearly had no moral or legal leg to stand on, agreed to settle the case for $425,000.00. Nader, generously, utilized that money to help expose the corrupt and the cruel, even more!



We, resolutely, believe that the people shouldn’t have to be astute lawyers or rich and powerful to be free from corporate and/or governmental abuse. After all, “Equality Under Law” and “Justice for All” are enshrined in our American Jurisprudence, and the tapestry of our Great Revolution. “Equal Justice Under Law” is etched on the stones of our Union’s Supreme Court Entrance. Even the last words of the pledge of allegiance, proudly, reassert the values of this country for

“liberty and justice for all.” Yet millions of people have unjustly endured and continue to suffer from intimidations, incarcerations, incapacitations and lingering pains, every day!

The fact is that those who violate people’s due process of law and arbitrarily sacrifice people’s liberty for the promise of security, will never make us Safe nor Free! That is because, peace without justice is the ultimate tyranny: and proponents of such dogmas are False Prophets.

It is also important to bear in mind that neither "liberty" nor “justice” is a possession that would trickle down to the next generations. They are the very seeds that each of us must sow and protect from predators of rights and liberties. Naturally, Compassionate, Courageous and Competent Lawyers are the essential elements of such Cultivation and Guardianship.



Compassion is the most integral and inseparable ingredient for excellent dispensation of Applied Art and Science of Great Lawyering. Compassion is not about feeling sorry for someone’s suffering: It is the very desire to help others in times of trouble.

In fact, most clients reach out to lawyers to resolve disputes; defend their rights; or obtain justice. Thus anxiety, stress, uncertainties and pain, in varying degrees, are parts and parcels of the Legal Process.



Did you know that an astonishing 71% of the people who are injured by Careless Drivers, Defective Products, Dangerous Drugs, Violent Bullies, Medical Malpractice, Fraudulent Actors, Predatory Lending Banks, Bad Faith Delays, Defenses, Denials of the Insurance Industry and so on, never seek legal help?

The main reasons for such egregious miscarriage of justice is the intimidating justice system itself coupled with exorbitant costs. Not to mention big corporations’ petrifying power-lawyers, some outlandish prosecutors; and the problem to find a Competent, Credible and Courageous Lawyer, who has the wherewithal to stand shoulder to shoulder with the client, right away!



Art and Science of Applied Lawyering is more than good grades at a Brand Name Law School or memorizing large volumes of law; or reciting fashionably abbreviated legalese. Competent Lawyers possess discipline of diligence, positive curiosity, intellectual honesty, creative capacity and compassionate wisdom to observe all their ethical duties, while zealously protecting client’s lawful interests, even if the lawyer, personally, does not merit such interests.

We have developed Chosen Lawyers’ viable and creative network for such leading lawyers, whose actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, earn more, care more, act more; and become more responsible ancestors to their children’s children.

Together we can also make “Equal Justice Under Law,” meaningfully, available to the Voiceless and the Defenseless, regardless of their color, creed, race, religion, language, gender, national origin or station in life. For as the Great American Civil Rights and Peaceful Co-Existence Champion, Henry David Thoreau, eloquently said: "Justice is sweet and musical; but injustice is harsh and discordant."

We believe, Chosen Lawyers are the ones not only we can live with, but also rely upon; to guide all of us through the convoluted and complicated legal process and help us defend our constitutional rights, human liberties and obtain justice.

We established Chosen Lawyers to be a Company with Conscience! Because, we believe “Justice for All” is not only possible, it is necessary. That is because justice is the essence of any peaceful co-existence and civilized discourse. But it all starts with YOU and NOT the Wily Politician or the Over-Paid CEO. Hence, the integral question is: Are You ready to stand for Justice and a Better World for All? If so, please join us! Together, we can do Better! Thank You.



Paymon Barati-Darmian, Founder


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